Conation Nation Symposium

October 25 — 27, 2017   Scottsdale, AZ
Stefan Wissenbach
Engagement Multiplier
John Blumberg
Speaker & Author
Kathy Kolbe
Kolbe Corp
David Kolbe
Kolbe Corp
Amy Bruske
Kolbe Corp

Keynote Speaker: Stefan Wissenbach


Employee Engagement has become the hot topic in the business world. Get it right, and the results are remarkable. Get it wrong and it can destroy a company. Stefan Wissenbach has been working with business owners for over 20 years and is an authority on how to build an Engaged Organization. In his keynote Wissenbach will share:

  • Why Engagement is an energy source that transforms businesses
  • Four simple steps you can take to create an Engaged Organization
  • The power of a Purpose, why it's the single biggest driver of engagement (and why without one you’ll never fulfill your potential)
  • What has to be true for a CEO to become a Chief Energy Officer
  • How a team with complimentary MO's and a purpose become a force to be reckoned with...
  • The fastest way to create engaged customers – that endures!